If you do not find the answer you require, please call us at 613-233-8713 or email us at info@gnag.ca.

1. How many spots still remain for the course in which I want to register? When you go to the registration page it will indicate how many spots remain.

2. Do I get a confirmation email when I register? At the moment, automatic emails only work for Camp registrations. You can access your enrolments on your profile page.

3. How do I register for more than one child? When you choose to put a course in your shopping basket, you will be asked to choose a member of your family (from the profiles you already created) to associate with each course. This is repeated each time you choose a course.

4. Where do I find a list of your upcoming events? Just click on the News & Events menu on the toolbar and you can see our upcoming events.

5. What methods of payment do you accept? Online we accept MC and VISA. In person we accept MC, VISA, Debit, Cash and Cheques. By phone we accept MC and VISA.

6. Is your website mobile friendly? We are progressing towards a mobile friendly site, thanks for your patience.

7. Why is your registration so slow on registration night? We have a lot of clients trying to get on at the same time, please be patient and refresh your screen.  Please call us at 613-233-8713 if you need assistance, we are in the office on registration night.

8. How do I rent a room in the facility? Please call 613-564-1058 and speak to Janet Conley-Paterson or email her at janet.conley-paterson@ottawa.ca and go the City of Ottawa page at http://ottawa.ca/en/facility/glebe-community-centre to see images and rates.

9. How do I know when a course is cancelled?  When a course is no longer visible on the registration page it is probably cancelled, but please email at info@gnag.ca or call 613-233-8713 to confirm. We may be in the middle of changing a course detail. 

10. I can’t see the course I want, what should I do? Please email at info@gnag.ca or give us a call at 613-233-8713 and we’ll see what we can do.

11. How do I get a receipt for my course? You will be able to search on your family profile for your receipts. For anything prior to that date, please contact info@gnag.ca with the participant’s name and we will endeavour to respond in 2 – 3 business days.

12. How do I cancel a course and get a refund? Please email us at info@gnag.ca, indicate the participant’s name, the name of the course, the reason for the refund and whether you'd like a credit to your GNAG account or a refund to your credit card (less $25).

13. What is your refund policy? 
Programs: Refunds will be given up to one full week in advance of the program/event/workshop start date. Pro-rated refunds will be given with a medical certificate should a refund be approved. There is no fee for a credit made to your GNAG profile account, which you will have 2 years to use. There will be a $25 administration charge on all immediate refunds. Memberships for indoor playground, school walkovers, pottery studio and fitness memberships are NON-REFUNDABLE. There will be no refunds after the program mid-point. Please send a detailed email to info@gnag.ca or call us if you would like a refund.  
Camps: Refunds will be given up to one full week in advance of the camp start date (for a two week camp, it's 2 week's notice, for a three week camp, it's 3 week's notice). Camping camps require one month notice. There is no fee for a credit made to your GNAG profile account, which you will have 2 years to use. There will be a $25 administration charge on all immediate refunds to a credit card or cheque. If you wish to transfer camps, the same notification timeline is required. Please send a detailed email to info@gnag.ca or call us if you would like a refund. 
Tickets to Funraising Events: There is NO refund for these events

14. Do you have subsidies for participants? Yes, you can download our Financial Assis/Enterprise/resource/file/5cafbeff-ba4d-4099-a4e7-09b3db16876btance Application.

15. Do I have to live in the Glebe to register? We welcome anyone to register in our programs regardless of your geographical location. 

16. Where are you located? 175 Third Ave (corner of Third Ave and Lyon St. S) Ottawa, ON K1S 2K2 

17. Is there parking? There is street parking at the Glebe CC and in the neighbourhood. It is subject to city parking fees and fines. Please read signs and take necessary precautions. 

18. What are your hours?  Weekdays, the centre is open at 8:30 am and is officially closed at 8:30 pm. Occasionally our courses go later but entry to the building is limited. Weekend hours are subject to City of Ottawa programming. Always call 613-564-1058 to verify hours. We are closed all statutory and provincial holidays.

19. Do programs run on holidays or PD Days? Some of our programs run on holidays and PD days, please check the website program dates or email us at info@gnag.ca or call 613-233-8713 to verify. No programs run on statutory holidays. 

20. My child has special needs / allergies / a special needs worker, how should I proceed? Please call 613-233-8713 and we can discuss your child’s special situation. 

21. My child is older/younger than the program’s recommended age - what should I do?  Our registration system is age sensitive. Please email us at info@gnag.ca or call 613-233-8713 and we can make a decision on a case-by-case basis. 

22. I want to offer a course, how do I proceed? Please contact Paul O’Donnell at paul@gnag.ca and send him a program outline. 

23. You don’t offer the course I am interested in, what should I do? Please email us at info@gnag.ca or call 613-233-8713 and let us know what you’re interested in. We love your input. 

24. Are you the same organization as the GCA and the Glebe Report? No, we are all separate organizations. The Glebe Community Association is the local non-partisan political community organization. The Glebe Report is an independent non-profit community newspaper.

25. Are you wheelchair accessible? Yes, we are but please call ahead at 613-564-1058 to verify our elevator is functioning if you need to go to the 2nd or 3rd floor. 

26. Walkover - how does this work? Please register online under Programs for a walkover from local schools for programs that start at 4 pm or 4:15 pm. Applicable programs are clearly marked online. Generally, once walkover has started, registration for walkover must be done through the GNAG office at 613-233-8713. 

27. Are all the programs run out of the GCC? No, we are very lucky to have several community partners.  Please check your course description to verify the location of your class or email us at info@gnag or call us at 613-233-8713. 

28. How do I get involved as a volunteer/staff? To volunteer - adult or youth, please fill out one of the volunteer forms available on the Careers page. We post employment opportunities on our website on the same page. 

29. I have feedback about one of your courses/instructors/staff, what do I do? That’s great, we’d love to get your feedback. Email us at info@gnag.ca and let us know what you think.

30. Can I try a course to make sure I like it before registering? Please give us a call at 613-233-8713 and we can discuss your request.

31. Can I bring nut products into the building? Several children in our programs are allergic to nut products so we would prefer you not bring nut products into the building.