Thank you to all the participants for your very generous donation to this terrifically fun fundraiser. Thanks to our great committee and our volunteers, couldn't do it without you. And finally, thank you to all our guests for coming out and supporting this great event!

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Taste in the Glebe Jan 19, 2017


"Popular restaurants get asked constantly to be involved with fundraisers to promote their business to a community or group of people, while raising money for certain causes.  While there is only so much time, or money we can contribute to these noble goals, there have been few that I have gotten more out of personally than Taste in the Glebe. Not only do I feel our resources are leveraged in a way to make a huge impact in the community, but the event itself is so much fun. Under the current organizing committee, I can’t ever imagine saying no to being part of this fabulous event that I look forward to each year." STEPHEN BECKTA (Beckta, Play and gezellig

"As the father of three now-adult “graduate beneficiaries” of GNAG’s pre-school, child and youth programs, I want to put something back; and as a Sommelier, there is no more delightful way to do that than in the company of such an astonishing group of talented chefs pitching in for a great cause.”  J. PHILLIP NICHOLSON (Sommelier Host, Premier Tasting, Taste in the Glebe

Taste in the Glebe is all about fine food, delicious drinks and charming company. Held in the beautiful Glebe Community Centre (a heritage site), this event is a neighbourhood favourite and is becoming known around the city as the best cocktail party of the year.

Participating Restaurants 2018

Art-Is-In Bakery Breads 613-695-1226 x801Bridgehead in the Glebe 613-236-5445
Black Shallot 613-203-2576Belmont 613.979.3663
Coconut Lagoon 613-742-4444ClockTower Brew Pub 613-233-7849
Flippers Seafood Restaurant 613-232-2703Glebe Meat Market 613-235-9595
Kettleman's 613-699-6633Il Negozio Nicastro 613-237-3209
Local 613-233-3772Mad Radish 613 421-4564
Metro McKeen Glebe 613-232-9466Pints & Quarts (P & Q) 613-235-2624
Pelican Fishery & Grill 613-526-5229Paradise Poke 613-518-4432
Sutherland 613-741-7980Second Avenue Sweets 613-233-7277
SEN Asian Fusion 613-232-0111Spread Delivers 613-860-3636
Strawberry Blonde Bakery 613-725-2253Starbucks Coffee Company 613-232-4166
Tamis 613-567-7550Sur Lie 613-562-7244
The Soup Guy 613-421-5802The Rowan 613-780-9292
Thanjai 613-695-1969The Arrow & the Loon 613-237-0448
The Unrefined Olive 613-231-3133The Pomeroy House 613-237-1658
The gcCafé 613-233-8713Village House 819-459-1445
Von's Bistro 613-233-3277Whole Foods Market 613-565-7150
107 Fourth Avenue Wine Bar 613-236-0040Yasmin Syrian Cooking 613-897-0782
Fraser Cafe 613-749-1444Bekta 613-238-7063
Play, Food & Wine 613-667-9207Les Fougères  819-827-8942
gezellig dining 613-680-9086Il Negozio Nicastro 613-237-3209
The Pomeroy House 613-237-1658The Rowan 613-780-9292
Fauna 613-563-2862Bar Laurel 613-695-5559

Drinks Providers 2018

Ashton Brewing Company 613-257-4423Beau's Brewery 613-678-2799
ClockTower Brew Pub 613-233-7849Flora Hall Brewing 613 695-2339
Huff Estates WineryGrange of Prince Edward
North of 7 Distillery 613-627-4257Sandbanks Estate Winery
Steamwhistle BrewingSplit Tree Cocktail Co. 613-854-3598
KIN Vineyards 613-407-6171Tooth and Nail Brewing Company 613-695 - 4677
Vendange Institute 613 562-7840Vineland Estates Winery 1-888-846-3526

Many thanks to:

Canadian Linen for their generous donation.
Phil Nicholson for his enthusiastic and knowledgeable work as host of Premier.